40 Years of Professional demolition Expertise Serving Florida’s gulf coast Region

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Our parent organization, PAW Companies was founded in 1983 and proudly serve Tampa and the greater Gulf Coast Region.

PAW Demolition was a natural by-product of our early trucking and transport roots. The word got out about our professional, customer-focused services and we began the journey to develop our demolition division.

Born out of an unmet need of commercial and industrial services here in the Gulf Coast and Central Florida region, today, PAW Demolition is a full-service Tampa demolition company providing commercial demolition services, industrial demolition services and residential demolition services to customers throughout Central Florida and the Gulf Coast Region!!! Learn more about general demolition services here.

Don’t live right in Tampa? No problem! PAW Demolition also proudly provides demolition services in the following cities: Buffalo, Pierce, Fairfield, Homestead, Gonzales, Garden Acres, Bonita, Cunningham, Aurora, Turner, Strathmore, Louisa, Barnhart, Centralia, Alameda, Eldorado, Elizabeth, Progreso, Hazard, Rose.

Our ability to sustain consistent growth is largely due to our tremendous team of professional demolition specialists, committed to provided first-class customer service and unquestioned leadership and management found in every project we commit to.

Demolition Contractors Ida FL

At PAW Demolition, and across all our PAW Companies, we understand urgency and critical path construction. We have tooled ourselves with late-model demolition equipment and dynamic tooling. As an experienced demolition contractor serving Ida, we have matched our skilled personnel and administrative support team with our equipment and comprehensive capabilities. Your business commitments are our commitments and you will find the professional attitudes of our PAW staff to be second to none.

With decades of commercial and industrial demolition experience and countless projects in West and Central Florida under our belt, we meet the urgent demands of this high-demand industry. You will find our level of communication and attention to detail to be a valued commodity in this time-sensitive industry. Our team of professional demolition experts are committed to detailed work plans and paramount safety standards. We have continued to innovate on means and methods, solving problems for our customers with innovative thinking.

Emergency Demolition Services

PAW Demolition provides emergency demolition services in Ida and the surrounding region. They play crucial role in swiftly and safely addressing unforeseen situations that require immediate structural intervention. Whether it’s a building compromised by natural disasters, a fire-damaged structure, or a hazardous building posing imminent danger, PAW Demolition is equipped to respond promptly, minimizing risks to public safety and property.

Our experienced team prioritizes the rapid assessment of the situation, formulating a strategic plan to dismantle or remove compromised structures efficiently. Utilizing specialized equipment and techniques, they work to prevent further damage and ensure the safety of both the immediate surroundings and rescue teams.

The scope of emergency demolition extends beyond mere structural removal; it involves meticulous planning to mitigate environmental impact, manage debris, and adhere to safety regulations. Collaborating with local authorities, these services contribute to the overall emergency response framework, aiding in the restoration of normalcy after a crisis.

Contact PAW Demolition for all of your emergency demolition services!

Concrete Demolition and Recycling Services

Providing concrete demo and recycling services is instrumental in sustainable construction practices, addressing the environmental impact of demolishing structures. PAW Demolition employs advanced techniques to break down concrete structures efficiently, salvaging materials for recycling. Concrete recycling not only reduces the demand for new raw materials but also minimizes waste in landfills.

By transforming concrete debris into reusable aggregates, we positively contribute to resource conservation, energy savings, and a more eco-friendly construction industry. The emphasis on recycling in concrete demolition aligns with global efforts to promote responsible construction practices and reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional demolition methods.

Commercial and Industrial Demolition Services

PAW Demolition proudly specialize in dismantling large-scale structures, ranging from warehouses and factories to office buildings. We can handle complex projects with precision, adhering to safety standards and minimizing disruptions.

Equipped with advanced machinery, we can efficiently demolish structures, remove debris and prepare sites for redevelopment. Further, we prioritize waste management, salvaging materials for recycling whenever possible.

Our expertise lies in strategic planning, considering factors like environmental impact, safety protocols, and regulatory compliance. These services play a pivotal role in transforming and repurposing industrial landscapes, fostering sustainable development and economic revitalization.

Bridge and Water Treatment Demolition

PAW Demolition also specializes in dismantling structures associated with transportation and water infrastructure. For bridges, our skilled team utilizes strategic techniques to ensure the safe removal of spans, piers, and associated components. The focus is on minimizing disruption to transportation networks while prioritizing safety and environmental considerations.

Water Treatment Demolition involves the careful deconstruction of facilities like water treatment plants and reservoirs. The PAW Demolition team employs precise methods to dismantle equipment, structures, and pipelines while managing any potential environmental impacts.

Both services play vital roles in urban development and infrastructure improvement. Efficient and strategic demolition allows for the reconstruction or upgrade of essential structures, contributing to the overall enhancement of public services and environmental sustainability. Proper waste management and adherence to regulatory standards are integral aspects of these demolition services, ensuring responsible practices in the transformation of critical infrastructure.


PAW Demo is your #1 Trusted Demolition Company Serving the Gulf Coast of Florida. Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service and unparalleled demolition services.

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PAW Demo is your #1 Trusted Demolition Company Serving the Gulf Coast of Florida. Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service and unparalleled demolition services.

A Full-Service Demolition Company serving Commercial, Industrial and Residential Customers

PAW Demolition services:

Total Commercial & Industrial Demolition
Commercial Implosions
Bridge & Highway Demolition
​Water Treatment Demolition
Concrete Demolition & Recycling Services
​Construction Demolition
High-Rise Dismantle
​Apartment Building Demolition
Water Tower Demolition
Hospital Building Demolition
Commercial & Industrial Renovation
Residential Demolition Services
Interior Demolition
Demolition Estimating
Off-site Concrete Recycling


PAW Demo is your #1 Trusted Demolition Company Serving the Gulf Coast of Florida. Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service and unparalleled demolition services.

PAW Demolition has completed demolition projects spanning more than three decades, for many different types of commercial, industrial and residential clients in Florida’s Gulf Coast Region.

See What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying

“Very impressed with the whole process from Zach to Kim and Todd, Doug, Nector and Steve. Had some trailers removed on Carlin Lane and the PAW team was professional, courteous and punctual. Did not have any issues. Way to go…” Ralph W

“The owners, dispatch, accounting, the drivers, every person we have spoken with have been kind and thoughtful. very professional, and just great people to work with. We will use PAW on all our Pasco concrete dumpster needs!” – Edwin O

“I wanted to take this opportunity to commend your efforts in the demolition portion of our project at the Progress Energy Anclote Power Station here in Florida. I can truly say that all parties involved were impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail you and your crew exhibited during this project. Your safety record during this project was flawless. That in itself was a testament to the planning you put into this job. The task was very difficult, we had a high profile client, and without any previous structures of this kind ever being demolished to study, you approached the work professionally and with unparalleled dedication. This was the first time a structure of this kind was demolished in this manner and you performed the task ahead of schedule, with minimal damage to surrounding structures and kept a safe work environment for your crew. You are to be commended. We are all looking forward to next year when we can start on the second tower replacement. Thank You again, PAW Demolition, for a job well done and again, we are looking forward to doing it all over again next year!” – Donald R. Wilson, GEA Project Manager, GEA Power Cooling, Inc.

“PAW Demolition has worked for Earth Tech Services as a Trucking Subcontractor and as a Demolition Contractor on Various Projects. The Projects have all been Commercial & have ranged in size from small to Big Projects.” – Donald R. Waldron, Earth Tech Services

“We have worked with Richard Wohlfiel, PAW Demolition, over the past several years and have found him to be a very trustworthy, honest person who has a good moral character.” – Thomas P. Deeb, President, Deeb Construction & Development Co.

“We have worked with PAW Demolition on several demolition jobs over the last three to four years. We found that Rick Wohlfiel, the owner of PAW Demolition, to be very honest and trustworthy. Rick has been a subcontractor for us and we haven’t had any complaints. He has always done exactly what he said he would. We look forward to working with in the future.” – Samuel B. Fennell, Owner, Samuel B. Fennell Paving & Excavating


PAW Demo is your #1 Trusted Demolition Company Serving the Gulf Coast of Florida. Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service and unparalleled demolition services.

Our Service Area

PAW Demolition has been committed to providing professional commercial, industrial and residential demolition services to Ida and the entire Gulf Coast Region for almost 40 years.

We are conveniently located within reach of the Tampa International Airport (TPA) and the Courtney Campbell Causeway that connects Tampa to Clearwater. We can provide services to all of Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and areas both north and south covering all of the Gulf Coast region and Central Florida.

Considering a demolition project and need an expert set of eyes on it? Reach out to us at (727) 862-5956 today and we can schedule your FREE onsite consultation.

PAW Demolition – proudly serving St.Petersburg, the Tampa Bay Region and Central Florida for almost 40 years!

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