How To Demolish Commercial Buildings

When it comes to demolishing commercial buildings, it involves more care and scrutiny than residential. Just like the residential demolition process, there are different methods that can be used in taking down the building. Some of the methods that can be used are demolition by hand, demolition by explosion or implosion, and mechanical demolition. Before proceeding with commercial building demolitions, there are some things you need to know. Here is a brief look at the methods mentioned above.

Demolition by Hand

This method of demolition is not the quickest but can be an effective option. When using this method, you will only need to have hand tools, and the main goal is making sure most of the building parts can be recovered for future use. Shear legs and cranes can be used in hand demolition to provide support when demolishing. It is important to demolish one floor at a time because it is the safest way of demolishing by hand. When demolishing a building with storeys, make sure you start doing it in reverse order, this means the roof will be going down first. When you choose this method, you will have the chance of taking care of LAN cables and power cords. Because it is being done storey by storey, the connections of the other storeys are not going to be affected, and the business too. We usually recommend to businesses to shut the building or look for a temporary office.

Mechanical Demolition

This is the most common option when demolishing a commercial building. This will involve the use of heavy machines and high-end technology to tear apart the commercial building. These machines are usually operated by skilled and experienced people, and this is not something that can be self-taught. Wrecking balls, hydraulic excavators, and wire rope pills are some of the machines used in this method. This method is able to wreck down a commercial building in no time, but the hazards that come with this method are not less. Dust, noise, flying debris, vibration on adjoining structure or buildings, and unintentional or uncontrolled collapse are some of the hazards that come with mechanical demolition. Many of these hazards won’t be a problem when you have well-managed removal services and proper documents. The best method to use when you need the job to be done quickly and you are on a budget, mechanical demolition is the best option. You should ensure all the services to the building have been disconnected before getting started with demolition. If you happen to come across hazardous or radioactive material when demolishing, have proper care and calculation because you want to keep you and your surroundings safe.

Demolition by Explosion or Implosion

Demolition by explosion or implosion is the most efficient and effective method. Using this method will end up saving you time and money because it can bring down a multiple-storied building and structures in calculated and controlled explosions. This method of demolition is the best option in areas that has significant hazards when the other options are used, e.g. posing a threat to people and the ecosystem. Expert hands are needed because they have the skills needed to do it. Most structures, expect brick and timber structures, can be adapted to this method of demolition. Before you can start demolition using explosions or implosions, make sure you have legal permissions and necessary documents.


It is important to hire demolition experts in the Tampa Bay region to do the project instead of trying to do it on your own. This is one of those fields that require expert hands and skills. Have you picked the method of demolition or your commercial building? Do a little research before you can make the decision. You should ensure there is a temporary workspace for your business and employees.

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