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Our parent organization, ​PAW Companies was founded in 1983.  PAW Demolition was a natural by-product of our early trucking and transport roots.  The word got out about our professional, customer-focused services and we began the journey to invest time and energy to develop our demolition division, born out of an unmet need of commercial and industrial services here in St. Petersburg and the Greater Tampa Bay area. 

Today, PAW Demolition is a full-service St. Petersburg demolition company
 providing commercial demolition services, and industrial demolition services to customers throughout Central Florida and the Gulf Coast Region!!!   Learn more about general demolition services here.

Our ability to sustain consistent growth is largely due to our tremendous team of professional demolition specialists, committed to provided first-class customer service and unquestioned leadership and management found in every project we commit to.   Learn more about PAW Demolition.


St. Petersburg Commercial and Industrial Demolition Contractor

Strategic High-Rise Dismantling Services
Apartment Building and Complex Demolition
Hospital Building Demolition
Off-Site Concrete Recycling Services


PAW Demolition services include:

Total Commercial & Industrial Demolition
Commercial Implosions
Bridge & Highway Demolition
​Water Treatment Demolition
Concrete Demolition & Recycling Services
​Construction Demolition
High-Rise Dismantle
​Apartment Building Demolition
Water Tower Demolition
Hospital Building Demolition
Commercial & Industrial Renovation
Residential Demolition Services
Interior Demolition
Demolition Estimating
Off-site Concrete Recycling

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Emergency Demolition Services

Concrete Demolition and Recycling Services
Specializing in Bridge and Water Treatment Demolition

​Each demolition project is unique requiring a site specific work plan, along with an OSHA safety plan to be implemented.  A brief description of common steps, practices and methods of demolition is provided below.

The typical razing of a building, structure, plant, factory, etc. is accomplished as follows:
– Obtain all necessary permits
– Install Soil and Erosion Control Measures as necessary
– Isolate demolition area / perform all utility disconnects
– Perform asbestos abatement
– Removal all lights, ballasts, mercury switches, Freon, etc. for recycling
– Removal all hazardous materials

With our team in the field, we are able to perform the actual demolition project from start to finish.  Please contact us for all your commercial or industrial demolition needs.


PAW Demolition serves St. Petersburg with interior and selective demolition services that include: 

– Interior Demolition 
– Selective Demolition 
– Interior Strip-Outs 
– Interior Gut-Outs 

PAW Demolition has dedicated crews throughout the Tampa Bay region that are specialists in interior demolition projects (also known as strip-outs or gut-outs). 

– Typical interior demolition 
– Facade demolition 
– Store front demolition 

Selective Demolition Services

Our selective demolition services are invaluable to client who want to demolish a building or structure that is attached to a building or structure they wish to keep.  Example: silo demolition (selective dismantlement of obsolete structures) 


Demolition Estimates

Our estimating department has many years of experience in every facet of demolition throughout St. Petersburg. They are there to answer any questions and can walk you through your demolition project with ease and confidence.

The services that are offered are:

– Structural Survey (subcontract)
– Asbestos Survey (subcontract)
– Environmental/Hazardous Materials Survey
– Evaluation and Development of Safe and Cost Efficient Demolition Methods
– Development of Demolition Estimate/Budget
– Develop Bid and Specifications Package
– Contractor background and Qualification Checks
– Valuation of Used/Surplus Equipment to Potentially Offset Demolition Costs
– Valuation of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap Metals For Recycling
– Evaluation of Onsite Concrete/Brick/Masonry for Onsite Crushing as a Cost Savings
– Alternative to Offsite Recycling/Disposal

PAW Demolition is proud to be able to offer St. Petersburg and the Greater Tampa Bay Region with professional commercial & industrial demolition services.  

You require a professional company who will cover all aspects of your demolition needs.  A company that will manage your project thoroughly and ensure all safety precautions and considerations are put in place.

PAW Demolition prides itself on maintaining a team of professional demolition experts with decades of experience to ensure we can meet all of your commercial & industrial needs.  

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Detailed Demolition Estimates and Project Management Services that will exceed Your Expectations!


PAW Demolition has completed demolition projects spanning more than three decades, ​for many different types of commercial, industrial and residential clients in St. Petersburg and the Greater Tampa Bay region.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to commend your efforts in the demolition portion of our project at the Progress Energy Anclote Power Station here in Florida. I can truly say that all parties involved were impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail you and your crew exhibited during this project. Your safety record during this project was flawless. That in itself was a testament to the planning you put into this job. The task was very difficult, we had a high profile client, and without any previous structures of this kind ever being demolished to study, you approached the work professionally and with unparalleled dedication. This was the first time a structure of this kind was demolished in this manner and you performed the task ahead of schedule, with minimal damage to surrounding structures and kept a safe work environment for your crew. You are to be commended. We are all looking forward to next year when we can start on the second tower replacement. Thank You again, PAW Demolition, for a job well done and again, we are looking forward to doing it all over again next year!” – Donald R. Wilson, GEA Project Manager, GEA Power Cooling, Inc.

“PAW Demolition has worked for Earth Tech Services as a Trucking Subcontractor and as a Demolition Contractor on Various Projects. The Projects have all been Commercial & have ranged in size from small to Big Projects.” – Donald R. Waldron, Earth Tech Services

“We have worked with Richard Wohlfiel, PAW Demolition, over the past several years and have found him to be a very trustworthy, honest person who has a good moral character.”  – Thomas P. Deeb, President, Deeb Construction & Development Co.

“We have worked with PAW Demolition on several demolition jobs over the last three to four years. We found that Rick Wohlfiel, the owner of PAW Demolition, to be very honest and trustworthy. Rick has been a subcontractor for us and we haven’t had any complaints. He has always done exactly what he said he would. We look forward to working with in the future.” – Samuel B. Fennell, Owner, Samuel B. Fennell Paving & Excavating


​PAW Demolition is a full-service professional demolition services company with offices serving St. Petersburg, Tampa and north into Pasco County.  We provide a wide array of commercial, industrial and residential demolition services.  We are conveniently located but minutes from Tropicana Field and the Courtney Campbell Causeway that connects Tampa to Clearwater.  We can provide services to all of Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and areas both north and south covering all of the Gulf Coast region and Central Florida.


St. Petersburg, the Greater Tampa Bay Region, and Central Florida including
​Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Hernando counties

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