Meet The Team


Rick Wohfiel, President

Rick is an experienced leader who boldly pushes for a professional culture.

He is a fearless leader who is not afraid to create a culture that looks different than the mundane businesses we all know. Rick is always investing in his team, as they are the pulse of this company.

Rick’s ability to handle all aspects of the business stems from his background performing every role since the inception of the business in 1983 when he and his late father, JW, came down from Ohio. Rick has been a part of every step of the process, from hauling, to sales, to dispatch, etc.

His macro-understanding of the business and the regional economics help the company to be positioned for success at all times.


Derek Wohlfiel, Estimator/Project Manager

Derek has a degree in Civil Engineering, and has a unique ability to see and implement more efficient systems.

Derek’s people skills help PAW rally a strong team that operates with efficiency and precision. Derek works to optimize the job-site while keeping the customer’s point of view at the forefront of operations.

He understands the gears that must turn to make the company effective and efficient in the marketplace, which adds value to customer scheduling and project efficiencies.


Zachary Doyle, Estimator/Business Development

Zach is an entrepreneurial savant, with an ability to see details around corners.

From estimating to product development, Zach has been a centerpiece for the vision of PAW in the last decade and is currently overseeing PAW Research & Development. 


Autumn Derespiris, Chief Financial Officer

Autumn is what some call “unfiltered,” or “no nonsense,” saying exactly what is on her mind, professionally.

This bodes well for her as our CFO. She is always willing to advocate for the company, employees, and our customers when it comes to their money and what they rightfully are owed. When it comes to protecting the company’s operating capital, Autumn is the best.


John Warych, Chief Estimator/Project Manager

John has 40+ years in demolition and has some of the deepest and vastest knowledge in the industry.

From bridges, power plants, and asbestos to silica, John can handle any questions that arise about a job. John’s abilities exceed the norm. He has such a detailed understanding of the customer’s plans that he could build the job as well as wreck it.

When Chuck Norris needs advice, he goes to John!


Brock Haymaker, Estimator/Project Manager

Brock, a walk-on surprise at PAW, studied sales and initially came on as a sales and marketing person for PAW.

It didn’t take long to realize Brock had a knack for estimating and closing deals by winning over many contractors to the “PAW Way,” but when the desire and expertise arose in the estimating field, a further calling evolved.


Dominick DeMao, Estimator/Project Manager

Dominick started as a high burner using his hands and gut instincts, but took it upon himself to further his education in the field of Civil Engineering. He now finds himself squarely at the center of the demolition division, from operations to estimating, with a unique ability for particular & difficult demolition projects. Dominick works diligently to solve customer logistical and scheduling problems. 


Brandon Duffy, Estimator/Project Manager

Brandon has an eye for detail, giving him an advantage in the estimating field.  

He has a passion for safety and production from spending his share of time in the field, making him the perfect candidate to grasp intricate estimates and handle all project management needs.


Jody Gilligan, Estimator/Project Manager

Jody, a fresh face to PAW, comes with a background in site-work and the complexities of work below the surface.

He has a special ability to understand numbers and site intricacies, which help him to provide value-engineering for additional customer satisfaction.

As a salesman/estimator, Jody is simply putting his God-given talents to work, and is seeing the results.


Billy Hester, Superintendent

Superintendent Billy and his “old soul” showed promise early on. PAW quickly recognized his instinctive ability to lead a safe and productive job. Billy has a clear vision of PAW’s mission to out-serve the competition.

Billy has a calculated approach to every demolition project with a desire to see the job unfold as planned. He gives PAW the perfect blend of production and safety that consistently gets the job done on time with zero incidents.


Brian Cardinal, Superintendent

Superintendent Brian’s calm and cool perspective mixed with decades in the site-development and demolition industry make him a valued leader. 

Brian comes with a background in running his own company, laying pipe across the Middle East. Understanding the intricacies of business, safety, and personnel management, he has found his niche as Superintendent at PAW.


Dave VanBuren, Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Dave comes with a mighty diverse background, specifically in maintenance and welding.

He works professionally with his team and is the lynchpin that keeps PAW Demolition flexible and able to service the customer’s needs.

We are grateful for Dave’s tenure with PAW & his outstanding contributions.


Demo Chicks, Admin/Contractors/Permitting/Billing etc…

“The piece that many companies overlook.” PAW can only be as good as it finishes. From the credit app to permitting, and onto the close out paperwork, these ladies are incredibly responsive.

Marissa, Linda & Kim are what we call the “Demo Chicks.”

They handle all things contract, billing, permitting, rentals, and everything in between. They manage with ease the toughest part of the industry, which allows PAW to work most efficiently and shine for their customers. They simply get the job(s) done.


Terri Wyrick, Human Resources/Insurance Specialist

Terri has always been an advocate for those closest to her and her role at PAW is no different. Terri knows each and every PAW employee and ensures their onboarding is a smashing, smooth success.

Handling employee needs and insurance coverage for decades, she is a staple within the company and a reason why PAW is where it is today.


Justin Brown, Environmental, Health & Safety Director

Justin comes with plenty of accolades and experience in the demolition field. The thing that sets him apart as Environmental, Health & Safety Director at PAW is his unique desire to get in the trenches and work out the best solution for, and with, the guys on the ground.

The resulting safety culture is not a top-down, but rather a constantly improving safety program.

We are grateful to have Justin with us. He is a tremendous asset to the PAW Demo Team!

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