Bridge and Highway Demolition Services in the Greater Tampa Bay Region

We strive to provide the best service and quality of product. We work diligently to please all of our customers by being creative and skilled at what we do.

At PAW Demolition, we understand urgency and critical path construction. We have tooled ourselves with late model equipment and dynamic tooling, matched with our skilled personnel. Your commitments are our commitments and you will find the professional attitudes of our PAW staff to be second to none. With decades of experience and countless bridge work under our belt, we meet the urgent demands of the industry. You will find our communication and attention to detail to be a valued commodity in this time sensitive industry. Our team is accustomed to detailed work plans and paramount safety standards, which also come with the industry. We have continued to innovate on means and methods, solving problems for our customers with innovative thinking.

PAW Demo is your #1 Trusted Demolition Company Serving the Gulf Coast of Florida. Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service and unparalleled demolition services.

Tampa Bridge and Highway Demolition

At PAW Demolition, we come equipped with numerous tools and heavy equipment for all types of tasks including heavy concrete Breaking, steel shears and hydraulic hammers. We have demonstrated throughout all of Florida that we have the ability to deliver critical path work for many contractors over the past two decades. We have completed over 50 bridges in countless other concrete structures including tanks buried in the ground. We have also worked alongside of other contractors and understand the critical need for teamwork. Our mission is to handle our customers urgency as a turn key operation where we responsibly carry our portion of the burden. Our crews are conditioned for network and working with MOT crews on major highways. We can handle Saw-cutting in Crane work for slab and being removal as well as pulverizing bridges in place within short windows of time. Our cruise handle coordinating with various other contractors on site Cutting, Trucking and Disposal sites in order to relieve our customers of those burdens. Our concrete pulverizers will separate the steel and rebar and sort the piles for loading out. Most districts of the FDOT or familiar with our work and know our reputation. We pride ourselves in being absolute professionals without excuses in few if any issues throughout the project duration.

Our bridge demolition crews will also leave your site clean and in order. We also are familiar with Road protection and have various methods of making sure roads can be open without issue and on time. Our estimating and coordinating a crews regularly put together project diagrams and narratives that spell out our means and methods to limit concerns with Safety and or scheduling.
Our crews are also familiar with partial Demolition and selective work such as bridge widening and bridge modifications

We have a top down safety management team where safety and personal well-being is clearly ahead of profit. We carry a full-time safety manager and do much of our own training in the house. We hold superior insurance, bonding limits as well as holding a MOD rate in the low 80’s. Our goal in all of this is to create value for our customer from Safety to service we intend on being the premier demolition company in the Central Florida region for all-things Demolition.


PAW Demo is your #1 Trusted Demolition Company Serving the Gulf Coast of Florida. Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service and unparalleled demolition services.

Bridge and Highway Demolition Services in Tampa FL

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