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What do you picture when you hear about a building being demolished? Is it a bare Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball? Is it a show of explosions and blasts with skyscrapers tumbling down? The truth is, it’s neither of them and both of them (well excluding the Miley Cyrus part!). Demolition is indeed a project that utilizes wrecking balls to destroy and blasts to bring structures to the ground. But unlike the haphazard picture you just imagined, it’s actually a well-choreographed, systematic process.

Expert demolition companies know how to properly proceed with taking down a building. This means they know what things they can keep and recycle and what things they can destroy. They also understand that hazardous construction material, one popular example being asbestos, has to be removed first before the

building can be demolished. By keeping these safety precautions in mind, a good company will know how to protect the environment and people while carrying out their demolition process.

With that said, it’s now established that reputable and professional demolition specialists will know how to take a building down safely. This means they are also likely to know how to properly and safely execute a commercial or industrial construction project.  While this job is for an entirely different class of workers, tips like those below from a reputable demolition company can actually be pretty helpful!

PAW Demo is your #1 Trusted Demolition Company Serving the Gulf Coast of Florida. Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service and unparalleled demolition services.

Words of Advice about Demolition Projects

​As professionals in the demolition industry, there are a number of things you should be aware of when planning for a small or large commercial or industrial demolition project.  Below are our top three things to ensure you have top of mind.

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