Environmentally-Friendly Demolition Services in Tampa FL


PAW Demolition is committed to environmentally-friendly business practices!

PAW Companies is in the business of creating alternative products made from materials pulled from the waste stream and manufacture them into usable “green” products.

Internally our office course of action on recycling is that each department maintains paper, plastic, glass and aluminum recycle bins. All old printer toner cartridges are sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled. Old cell phones, PDA’s and computer equipment are then donated to local charity organizations. All other recyclables are then sorted and sent to the local recyclers in Pasco County.


​With our ability to screen natural land clearing debris; such as tree trimmings, stumps and dirt, we are able to make mulch, and top soil. This composting makes for rich organic soil.

We recycle and crush all concrete, marble, tiles, porcelain, clay brick and asphalt or any other solid that can be processed into an aggregate. Your old broken or extra marble counter top could someday be the décor stone around a school or church…even your neighbor’s yard!

Our recycling yard not only reduces waste products that fill up our landfills, it saves our land! We have made the commitment to create environmentally safe products from recyclables. By doing this, our company contributes proactively towards increasing “green” material. We join millions of concerned citizens all over the world to do our part to save our planet for ourselves and generations to come. Won’t you join us?

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