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​PAW Demolition is proud to serve as your Tampa residential demolition company. Our residential work is unique due to the environment in which the work takes place. Our experience and knowledge allows our crews to demolish a residence with little or no disruption to the surrounding neighborhood or environmental damage.

  • Our informed staff has the expertise in dealing with the various agencies to achieve the following:
  • Obtain all necessary permits 
  • Install soil and erosion control measures as necessary 
  • Isolate demolition areas
  • Perform some utility disconnects
  • Perform asbestos abatement (subcontract) 
  • Removal all lights, ballasts, mercury switches, freon, etc. for recycling 
  • Removal some hazardous materials
  • Home owner assistance in obtaining permits

​PAW Demolition proudly offers residential demolition services in Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Hernando Counties; also serving the entire Gulf Coast, the Greater Tampa Bay region and Central Florida. PAW Demolition is your first choice for outstanding​customer service, responsiveness, professionalism and overall affordability.

We are represented by a team of professional and dedicated individuals committed to providing the highest quality residential demolition services

Hydraulic excavators may be used to topple one-or two-story buildings by means of an undermining process. The strategy is to undermine the building while controlling the manner and direction in which it falls. The demolition project manager/supervisor will determine where undermining is necessary so that a building falls in the desired manner and direction. The walls are typically undermined at a building’s base, but this is not always the case as building designs may dictate otherwise. Safety and cleanup considerations are also taken into account in determining how the building is undermined and ultimately demolished.

In some cases a crane with a wrecking ball is utilized to demolish the structure down to a certain manageable height. At that point undermining takes place as described above in first paragraph.

In order to control dust, fire hoses will be utilized to maintain a wet demolition. Hoses may be held by workers, secured in fixed location, or attached to lifts to gain elevation.

Loaders or dozers may also be used to demolish a building. These loaders and bulldozers are typically equipped with “rakes” (which are thick pieces of steel which could be an I-Beam or thick steel tube) that is used to ram building walls. Skid loaders and loaders will also be used to load materials out and sort steel.

Safety is always paramount on each project. A site safety officer is assigned to each project and enforces all OSHA and client specific safety rules and regulations.

Our Service Area

While PAW Demolition is physically located in Pasco County in Hudson Florida, we service all of the Gulf Coast and Tampa. 

Our capabilities as a residential demolition company serving the Tampa area go way beyond just simple projects.  We can meet all needs related to home tear downs, debris removal as well as other commercial applications that affect the residential market that might include apartment complex demolition, community area work etc.

If you are looking for a reputable, affordable and professional Tampa residential demolition contractor, look no further than PAW Demolition.  

Call us today and get schedule your free demolition estimate!!!

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